“The two misunderstandings about God” – Pastor Young Joo Lee

To know someone is not about holding their information but knowing their personality. The most certain and quickest way to know God is to follow the Bible. This is because it is the only book that has collective information about Him who created this world, what He has done and who He is. By leaving a record of himself in this way, it is God’s way of letting himself be known to all mankind.

However, there is a difference of just knowing what has been recorded in words from knowing what kind of personality or character He has. We must try to understand who God is by carefully examining the many things He has done and the many words He has spoken through the Bible.

There are common misunderstandings that people have about the God almighty and his love for us when not having read the Bible properly. Firstly, they think that since God is almighty, he must actively intervene and help us in everything we do. The problem with this is that they expect God to take our part of the burden in all we do and believe this is the only way God loves them. However, when you start living in faith, you will realise that God does not allow us to do that and wants to raise us to be independent.

God instead becomes our most loyal friend, stays by our side always cheering us on so that we can do our part well while subtly helping us so we still can keep our independence. Occasionally He provides help in miraculous ways but this is not God’s main method which is a common misunderstanding that he should.

The second most common misunderstanding occurs when we are in real difficulty and feel like we cannot do anything on our own. There are so many things in life that we cannot do no matter how hard we try. For example, resolving broken relationships (although it is necessary to thoroughly reflect on oneself and make an effort to resolve), building a future, healing broken hearts and complicated thoughts and more. We expect God to do instead what we have failed.

The problem in these situations is that we do not seek God or call out to Him with all our hearts. As God is so loving, we tend to think He will take care of it while vaguely praying. However, the Bible shows the sick came to Jesus to be healed, they were people who believed in Him and He said “According to your faith, it will be done to you”. This surely shows that believing in Jesus must be revealed by earnestly and passionately seeking God and come looking for Him. Similarly, when you need someone else’s help, don’t you often approach them first?

Our biggest misunderstanding about God is when we act irresponsibly by not doing our part and leaving it to God while half-heartedly approach Him in situations when we really do need to rely on Him. As true Christians, we must live diligently before God and at the same time seek and rely on Him.