Our Pastors

Young Joo Lee

Senior Pastor

  • 91′ Chongshin Theological Seminary
  • Seogwang church Associate Pastor
  • God’s Vision Church Senior Pastor

Joo Young Park

Associate Pastor

  • 14′ Chongshin Theological Seminary
  • Saegaero Church Evangelist
  • God’s Vision Church Associate Pastor

Our Leaders



Men: Taekhyung Kim, Yohan Moon, Jinhong Moon, Sihyun Yoon, Guanpil Jo, Jiwon Choi
Women: Sujin Kwon, Sonkyung Bae, Jungmin Yoo, Sangim Lee, Suna Choi, Yunjin Choi


Small Group Leaders

Our lay pastors, who lead the small groups after Sunday service.


Discipleship – B2 Course Leaders

Sponsor: Pastor Park
Lead: Hyungbae Park


Ministry Leaders

Various ministries within the church, its leaders and team members. They are valuable members of church family who are strengthening the church according to their gifts.