Our city of London is a missions field of great strategic importance. Therefore, let us live a life worthy of the gospel, even at the cost of suffering, is our sincere desire.

Street Evangelism

Rain or shine, we gather each Saturday to live as witnesses of Jesus to share and and confirm the gospel.

Small Groups

Gathers in nearby coffee shops after Sunday service. Spiritual growth begins in worship and is matured in small groups.

Football Club

Plays on Friday evening or Saturday and is open for all to get a bit of exercise.

New Visitor

First time here? Welcome to church.

While we are unable to gather physically due to COVID-19, we are together virtually, from worship to small groups.

Contact us so that we can provide you with information to join our church community. We welcome you to our London family!!

Serving the Next Generation

This next generation, who are native to the culture and language of the UK, will be the leaders that complete the Christian mission.

Three Visions

Obeying Jesus’ command to be a witness, making disciples, and proclaiming the gospel to all nations is our vision.



부활주일예배 안내(Easter worship service)

  • 2023년 04월 9일 부활주일예배는 센트럴 꿈이있는교회에서 함께 드립니다. 윔블던 성전에서 예배는 없습니다. 착오없으시기 바랍니다.

  • 9th Apr, 2023. There is no Easter worship service at Wimbledon but central God’s Vision Church.

예배시간 변경(Service time change)

  • 영국교회 사정으로 23년 3월 5일 예배시간이 오후 2시에서 오후 3시로 변경되었습니다.
  • on Mar 5th, Service time has been temporary changed, 2p.m.->3p.m., Thank you.