Church History

  • 1985

Our church began in 1985 when Pastor Moon Tae Joo started a Bible study with 7 young adults at Merton Evangelical Church.

  • 1988

We started growing in 1988 when our late pastor Shim Gwan Sub served the church with the core values of ‘By scripture and spirit alone’, raising faithful Christians with spiritual and mission work discipling. With the God given vision of cell oriented church, we began worshiping in 2 separate locations (Oxford circus cell church in 2006 June & Wimbledon cell church in August).

  • 2008

Pastor Lee Young Joo was appointed as the 3rd Senior Pastor in 2008 June 15th with a vision of “Completing the world mission in our generation”. The Church faced a new challenge of uniting the 2 separate locations to achieve this vision more effectively and have come a long way since then to become a church where many recommend others to visit whilst in London.

  • NOW

We want to be a Korean diaspora church serving as world mission’s outpost in the heart of London city. We also want to help plant other ethnic churches who worship in their own language and culture, with a vision of networking with them as brother churches, seeing churches arising among the unreached and unengaged people group and completing the world mission in our generation so we can witness Jesus’ 2nd coming in our lifetime. We are a church growing daily with these visions in mind.

부활주일예배 안내(Easter worship service)

  • 2023년 04월 9일 부활주일예배는 센트럴 꿈이있는교회에서 함께 드립니다. 윔블던 성전에서 예배는 없습니다. 착오없으시기 바랍니다.

  • 9th Apr, 2023. There is no Easter worship service at Wimbledon but central God’s Vision Church.

예배시간 변경(Service time change)

  • 영국교회 사정으로 23년 3월 5일 예배시간이 오후 2시에서 오후 3시로 변경되었습니다.
  • on Mar 5th, Service time has been temporary changed, 2p.m.->3p.m., Thank you.