Welcome message


Welcome to God’s Vision Church website and thank you for visiting. We are a Korean church in the centre of London Oxford Street.

We are part of The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea, which Bundang Woori church and Seoul’s Sarang Church are also a part of.

We are grateful to be known as a church where
‘lots of young adults gather in London city’,
‘church one should visit whilst in London’ and ‘church committed to mission’.

By God’s grace, those that leave us to return home share that ‘I believe the reason for coming to London was not just for studies or work but to meet God’s vision church’ ‘I don’t want to leave London because of this church’ and ‘I’ve been a believer for a long time but only started building a relationship with God here’

We believe that God has found our vision, ‘To Welcome the Lord’s Second coming by completing the world mission in our generation’ pleasing and met them.

We believe that living for the gospel is the most glorious life and it is a waste of time to live in disregard of it. We also believe that the UK, where we are planted is the most strategic mission field, so we want to be devoted in raising Jesus’ witnesses who suffer with the gospel.

That is why we want to be more than just a community for Korean Christians. We value communal fellowship, but it is not our ultimate goal. We welcome all who want to experience a healthy church community while staying in London and be connected to the lifelong mission of spreading the gospel.

We look forward to building the Kingdom of God together with you.

Young Joo Lee , Senior Pastor