“Thoughts on JMS’ eschatology” – Pastor Young Joo Lee

I was extremely upset and enraged by the news stories on Providence Church, better known as JMS, which is a South Korean religious cult that believes that Jung Myeong Seok, the founder of Providence church, is the Messiah. Young women were reported to have suffered sexual assault by the founder, in silence, because they were […]

“New GVC Instagram Account!” – Yejin Hong

God’s Vision Church (GVC) has around 300 people come and go each year, and is present in Central London and Wimbledon. We have around forty cell groups, each with around 12 people. As a big church, we have a lot of volunteers, events and clubs, but it’s quite difficult to meet people outside the teams […]

“A message you must hear” – Pastor Young Joo Lee

This week an elder living in New York sent me an email. He came to London in 2017 while on a business trip and visited our church, after which he watched our services on YouTube from time to time. He told me that through listening to recent sermons on the topic of Job and God’s […]

“Further Explanation about Diaspora Mission” – Pastor Young Joo Lee

The term ‘diaspora’ used to refer to the Jewish people that had been scattered across different regions beyond Israel, but nowadays, it refers to those that live in a different country for business, studies, as refugees or for any other reason. South Korea is one of the countries with the largest diaspora population. Koreans can […]

Further explanation about planting multicultural churches – Pastor Young Joo Lee

Today, I’d like to provide further explanation about planting multicultural churches, which is second on our church’s prayer list this year. The final goal of any missionary work is to plant churches. We can evangelise in various ways from doing charitable work, building schools and hospitals to teaching English and sports. But ultimately, it must […]

Christians at Work Groups – Pastor Young Joo Lee

So far I’ve shared my three main prayer requests for our church this year. I would like to go into a bit more detail on each one. The first one I’d like to talk about today is our “Christians at Work Groups”, which was the first prayer request. This is a new initiative that we […]

“Prayers for our church this year – Part 3” – Pastor Young Joo Lee

Today I would like to share with you about my third prayer for this year, diaspora mission, with regards to fields of study/occupation and planting a multicultural church. For the past ten years, the field of missions has been shifting from reaching uncontacted people groups to city-focused diaspora missions. According to a UN report, by […]