“The Deacons of God’s Vision Church” – Rev. Young Joo Lee

Today we are appointing six new deacons. That will make a total of 25 deacons in our church. Deacons are like mothers and fathers of the church. They are like the core of the church and think of the church before considering their personal or family matters. These are people who do important work for the church and have served faithfully for a number of years.

One of the people we are appointing as a deacon is Jeeyong Park. He came to the church as a young adult and served as a cell leader. Now, he is serving as a Sunday school teacher and is the leader of the Evangelism Team. He is a deacon with charisma who can encourage team members wherever he leads. His wife, Deacon Jinhong Seo, is the team leader for the primary school section of Sunday school. Even though she had some health problems and needs to stay up all night because she is busy with her job as a teacher, she serves the teachers and students at the church almost as if she was a full-time staff of the church.

Deacon Jeongmin Lee became the leader of the Media Team not long after he came to God’s Vision Church and has been serving for several years. Every Saturday he and the Media Team members design the church bulletin and he often stays up late into the early morning on Sunday morning so that the bulletins can be passed out at the service. He makes the thumbnails for the videos on our YouTube channel and takes pictures and makes videos whenever we have church events.

Deacon Hyunah Kwon served as a cell leader for a long time and is the team leader for the pre-school section of Sunday school. On top of that, she doesn’t rest on Saturday but instead comes to the city to evangelize and is a core member of the Evangelism Team. She always comes to the worship service and is devoted in prayer. Recently, along with Deacon Hyeyoung Min, she started serving in the intercessory prayer meeting.

Deacon Boram Kim served as a pre-school teacher for a long time, also performing worship dance for the children. She has a sincere personality and is loving. She never misses a meeting. She used to wake up early in the morning to pray for her family and the church and recently other church members have joined her for early morning prayer.

Deacon Seongeun Kim served as a pre-school teacher for a number of years and will soon have her second child. She thinks of others before her own family, is considerate, and her loving heart makes her special. She is positive and gives strength to the people who serve with her.

God’s Vision Church could become what it is today because of the constant service of these deacons. The existing nineteen deacons are also serving the church like this. I believe that the young people of the church can see how the deacons are serving with love and devotion and are learning from them. Today let’s bless and pray for the deacons. And let’s respect and obey these deacons to raise a more beautiful God’s Vision Church.

“God, thank you so much for raising up these beloved deacons.”

예배시간 변경 안내(service time change)

  • 3월 3일(3월 첫 주만) 센트럴 주일예배가 영국교회 행사 관계로 오후 3시로 변경되었습니다. 윔블던 예배는 동일하게 오전 10시 30분 입니다.
  • Sunday’s service(3rd, Mar) of Central campus will be held at 3 p.m. due to an English Church event. Wimbledon campus’s service is the same as usual(10.30a.m.).