“Satya Came to the Church” – Rev. Young Joo Lee

Satya, an Indian young man who we met on the street during Saturday Mission and began to believe in Jesus, attended the service for the first time last week. His part-time job usually falls on Saturday and Sunday, but due to a restaurant circumstances, it was changed to Friday and Saturday. I wanted him to attend the service if possible, but it was difficult for me to suggest, coming to the Sunday service, as he also works during the week, doesn’t have enough time to study, and assignment deadlines are usually Sunday night. However, he came to our church last week.

When he told me that he would come to the church, I was so happy to hear that, but at the same time, as it was very unexpected, the fact that I wrote about him and his family in Open Mind bothered me. I simply wrote it, so that we all can pray for him and warmly welcome him when he comes to the church, but as he could feel uncomfortable, I was a bit worried throughout the service. As such, after the service, I apologized and was relieved that he laughed and said it was okay.

I wanted to have dinner with him as it was his first time at church. Along with my family, we went to Vapiano near the church and ordered pizza and pasta. While waiting, it turns out that Satya happens to like a game that Joshua likes, and they could become close as they play the game together as a team. Yeojun, sitting on Satya’s lap, also found it interesting. I asked Satya how he could make to the church, and he replied he changed the work shift by speaking with his manager and said he will be able to come to the church going forward. I was very thankful to hear that.

Usually, I meet Satya around 11:15am on Saturdays. Saturday Mission starts around 10:30am with a prayer and 11:00am with a praise, and during the praise, I would make my way to meet Satya. Until 12pm, when Satya would need to start working, we have around 30 minutes. After a few weeks of sharing personal history and getting to know each other, we started studying with the B2, a Bible study textbook for our church, three weeks ago.

Currently, we have studied until Chapter 3, mainly by going over review questions at each chapter end and providing supplementary explanations. However, I was sorry that we didn’t have the time to look for reference Bible verses and meditate, which is the most important part, so I decided to stop going forward for a while and look for the verses together at the next meeting. It will take some time, but if he looks up Bible himself, he will find out how the Bible is composed, and he will be used to reading and meditating on his own.

Looking back, it was all God’s guidance that I met Satya for the first time through Saturday Mission. The Lord has prepared everything as if I’m just putting a spoon on a ready table. What I’m good at is that if I decide to do one thing, I do it steadily, and Satya seems to have a similar personality in this part. I don’t know how God will lead in the future, but at the last week’s meeting, Satya confessed that he wanted to know the whole Bible well, and I hope that will happen. I wish he could be a man of the Christ and live as a witness for the rest of my life.

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