“New GVC Instagram Account!” – Yejin Hong

God’s Vision Church (GVC) has around 300 people come and go each year, and is present in Central London and Wimbledon. We have around forty cell groups, each with around 12 people. As a big church, we have a lot of volunteers, events and clubs, but it’s quite difficult to meet people outside the teams or cell groups we are part of. So we, the Content Creation Team, started thinking about how we can help our congregation come together, and help our members love the church even further.

The term “content” refers to all kinds of digital information provided through communication media such as the internet. In other words, it refers to information in digital format such as programmes, movies, music, game software, etc.

Instagram is home to the most influential content these days. It’s trendy, easy to access and a platform that can connect our congregation, Christians in other churches and even those without faith. Taking this into account, the Content Creation Team consists of like-minded people who wish to publicise God’s Vision Church and its work, and also fill our congregation with more love.

We summarised what we can, and would like to do through Instagram as follows. First, we would like to share more information about all the teams at GVC and their ministry, such as what they do, how they do it, when/where they meet, news and prayer requests. Second, we would like to record GVC events, such as our retreats, Summer Schools, BBQs. Lastly, we would like to share GVC news including our weekly bulletins, such as changes to service times or cell groups for Saturday evangelism.

As Christians, God has commanded us to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth, as we wait patiently for Jesus’ return. One of the visions of GVC this year is to establish a Multicultural Church. Through Instagram, we would like to tell the world, including those who don’t believe in Jesus and those who aren’t Korean, what kind of institution GVC is, our reason for serving others, and the hope that we share as Christians. We would also like to share that wherever we are as GVC, we are all serving and worshipping God with the same heart, which we hope will contribute to building up our congregation and enable it to better face the world. We would like to help our congregation come to know and love each other more through our efforts.

With this in mind, we will do our best to contribute to finishing the task of world mission in this generation through various content creation!