29/10/2023 Church News

♠ Service Team Recruitment

1. Education Ministry (Pre-K, Primary, Secondary Sunday Schools); Service Ministry (Service Preparation Team, Welcome Team, Finance Team, Health & Safety Team); Outreach Ministry (Translation Team, Media Team, Outreach Team, Homeless Ministry Team); Worship Ministry (Praise Team, Choir, Production Team)
2. Central GVC Praise Team Recruitment: Looking for members to serve our Sunday (practice on Sat 1pm) and Wednesday services (practice at 5.30pm) (Piano, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drum, Singers). (Contact: Deacon S.H. Yoon, Kakaotalk ID: sean9463)
3. Wimbledon GVC Praise Team Recruitment: Looking for piano, singers and drum. (Contact: Y.I. Yoon, Kakaotalk ID: @youngin07090)
4. Central GVC Service Preparation Team Recruitment: Looking for volunteers to help before and during Sunday and Wednesday services. (Contact: Deacon S.N. Choi, Kakaotalk ID: Soonatc)
5. Content Creation Team Recruitment: Production, planning, video editing, filming and management for GVC’s instagram account. (Contact: Y.J. Hong, Kakaotalk ID: yaejinnn96)
6. Sunday School Recruitment: Wimbledon GVC Primary Sunday School/ Central GVC Sunday School (Contact: Youth Pastor Jeungwon Jhon, Kakaotalk ID: gardenj0702)
7. Wimbledon GVC Secondary Sunday School Recruitment: 2 volunteer (Contact: Pastor Juyoung Park (Kakaotalk ID: skylife1691)
8. GVC Choir Recruitment: Piano, male voice parts, any instrument. (Contact: M.H. Oh, Kakaotalk ID: meehyunoh)
9. Homless Ministry Team: There is a homeless assistance service on the first Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM (during BST) or 11:00 AM (after BST). Family cell groups are also welcomed. (Contact: E.B. Cho, 07801745267)

♠ Special Notice

1. Newcomers: Welcome to our visitors and newcomers! After the service, please come meet our Pastor who will be waiting towards the back. Welcome Team will greet you warmly.
2. Mission Sunday: This week is Mission Sunday, which we observe on the last Sunday of every month. All offerings collected today will be used for planting churches and raising Christian leaders in India.
Please label your offerings as Mission.
3. Sign-up for Baptism: We will be conducting Infant Baptism and Confirmation Baptism during the 26th November Service. Please apply through your cell leader (Preparation meetings: 2 for Infant Baptism, 4 for Confirmation Baptism).
4. Autumn Worship Night: November 17th (Friday) – 19th (Sunday) / Speaker: Pastor Chan Kyu Lee from Frankfurt Hanmaum Church. Friday and Saturday sessions will be at 7PM. Sunday session will take place during the normal Sunday Worship Service. The title is “Diaspora, by the power of the Gospel”
5. Relay Prayer and Fasting for Autumn Worship Night: Mon(H.J&J.Y, H.N Go, S.J Kwon) Tue(K.J&M.A, Online, M.Y Kim) Wed(B.A Kim, I.J Kim, H.B Kim) Thurs (D.E Nam, H.W Nam, C.M Ryu) Fri(M.W&H.J, M.J&S.K, S.R Park) Sat(H.N Park, S.K Son, J.H Song)
6. “GT” daily devotional: Subscriptions are available for those who are interested in joining us in using the “GT” devotional for daily Bible reading which we started at the beginning of the year. There is an annual subscription fee of £20.
7. Online Offerings: Please put in the offering box at the entrance before the service begins (white envelope is for those paying taxes) or pay online. God’s Vision Church, Account No: 01996835, Sort Code: 30-94-77, IBAN NUMBER: GB62LOYD30947701996835. You may choose to label your offerings: Tithe, Gratitude or Mission.

♠ Community support

Last week’s visitors (15): S.M Cho, M.K Jung, J.H Jung, J.S Kim, H.W Park, H.T Jeon