12/3/2023 Church News

♠ Service Team Recruitment

1. Central GVC Praise Team Recruitment: Looking for members to serve our Sunday (practice on Sat 1pm) and Wedn services (practice at 5.30pm) (Piano, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drum, Singers). Contact: Deacon S.H. Yoon (Kakaotalk ID: sean9463)
2. Wimbledon GVC Praise Team Recruitment: Looking for Keyboard. Contact: Y.I. Yoon (Kakaotalk ID: @youngin07090)
3. Central GVC Service Preparation Team Recruitment: Looking for volunteers to help before and during Sunday and Wednesday services. Contact: Deacon S.N Choi (Kakaotalk ID: Soonatc)
4. Homeless Ministry: Looking for volunteers to participate in homeless ministry once a month in Central London. Zoom meetings every other Thursday. If you spot a homeless in London more than three times at the same place, please share the location with us through Google maps. Contact: E.B Jo (07801 745267)
5. Sunday School Recruitment: Looking for 1 male teacher at Wimbledon GVC, 1 teacher at Central GVC. Contact Pastor Park (Kakaotalk ID: skylife1691)
6. Translation Team: Looking for volunteers to help translate praise songs and our weekly bulletin. Contact: I. Song (Kakaotalk ID: inyounguk)

♠ Special Notice

1. Newcomers: Welcome to our visitors and newcomers! After the service, please come meet our Pastor who will be waiting towards the back. The Welcome Team will greet you warmly.
2. Baptism: There will be baptism on May 7. Please speak to your cell leader if you would like to be baptised or if you would like your child to be baptised. There is a 4-week course for baptism and a 2-week course for infant baptism.
3. Special offerings for Turkey: Last day for collecting offerings to help the people in Turkey suffering due to the earthquake. Please label your offerings as “Turkey” if you wish to give.
4. Easter Retreat Fasting Prayer Relay: English cell’s turn on Wednesday.
5. GVC Instagram: We have opened an official GVC instagram account and will be sharing GVC-related content through @gvc_london.
6. Content Creation Team: Looking for volunteers for our newly established Content Creation Team, who will be working on maintaining/uploading our church Instagram account.
7. Easter Retreat Cantata: Looking for members (coming to the Easter Retreat) to participate. Practice sessions at Central GVC at 11am-1pm on 25 March, 1-3pm on 1 April. All voices and piano welcome. Contact: M.H Oh (Kakaotalk ID: meehyunoh)
8. Online Giving: God’s Vision Church, Account No: 01996835, Sort Code: 30-94-77, IBAN NUMBER: GB62LOYD30947701996835. You may choose to label your offerings: Tithe, Gratitude or Mission.

♠ Community support

Visitors last week (6): S.R Kim, D. Im, E.J Lee, S.S Park, S.M Lee, J.G Lee
Leaver: HyunJi Lee – May God give her wisdom for her studies, help her take part of a good Christian community in Korea, and bless and protect her cell so that they may love God even more.
Cell Leader Appointment: Kyung Ha LeeCell Leader Appointment: Kyung Ha LeeTeam Leader Appointment: Yejin Hong Team Leader Appointment: Yejin Hong