10/7/2022 Church News

♠ Service Team Recruitment

1. Education Ministry (Pre-school, Primary, Secondary Sunday Schools); Service Ministry (Service Preparation Team, Welcome Team, Finance Team, Health & Safety Team); Outreach Ministry (Translation Team, Media Team, Outreach Team, Homeless Ministry Team); Worship Ministry (Praise Team, Choir, Production Team)
2. Welcome Team Recruitment: Looking for members to welcome newcomers to our church. Contact: Y.H. Kim (+44 7737 835958)
3. Choir Recruitment: Looking for members to rejoice in praising God together. All vocal and instruments (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Cello) welcome. Contact: M.H. Oh (Kakaotalk ID: meehyunoh)
4. Central Praise Team Recruitment: Looking for members to serve our Wednesday (practice at 5.30pm) and Sunday services (practice at Sat 1pm) (Piano, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drum, Singers). Contact: Deacon S.H. Yoon (Kakaotalk ID: sean9463)
5. Wimbledon Praise Team Recruitment: Looking for members to build up our services and experience God at work (Female Vocal, Drum, Bass, Sound engineer). Contact: Pastor J.W. Hong (Kakaotalk ID: hogsam)
6. Central Service Preparation Team Recruitment: Looking for volunteers to help before and during Sunday and Wednesday services. Contract: Deacon Y.H. Lee (Kakaotalk ID: boff78)
7. Homeless Ministry: Looking for members to participate in our monthly homeless ministry in central London. There’s a Zoom meeting every Thurs. Contact: E.B Jo (Mob: 07801 745267 / Kakao ID: jebit0514)
8. Translation Team Recruitment: Looking for team member to translate Wednesday and Sunday services for the Central service and Sunday service for the Wimbledon service. Contact: I.Y. Song (Kakaotalk ID: inyounguk)
9. Central Sunday School Recruitment: Looking for a teacher to volunteer for Sunday school. We welcome anyone who loves God and children. Contact: Pastor Hong (Kakaotalk ID: hogsam)

♠ Special Notice

1. Newcomers: Welcome to our visitors and newcomers! After the service, please come meet our Pastor who will be waiting towards the back. The Welcome Team will greet you warmly.
2. Wednesday Service: Pastor Seok-heon Lee (GAP Secretary General), who leads the mission in India that our church participates in, will be preaching for us and reporting on his work this Wednesday.
3. 2022 Summer Bible School: Please pray that our children will get to know God personally during this program (29-31 July at Wimbledon GVC).
4. Online cell: There is a cell meeting held online for people who
live abroad or far from London. Please contact
Heesu Shin for more information. (Kakaotalk ID: heesushining)
5. Online Giving: God’s Vision Church, Account No: 01996835, Sort Code: 30-94-77, IBAN NUMBER: GB62LOYD30947701996835. Please label your offerings: Tithe, Gratitude or Mission.

♠ Community support

Visitors last week (3): J.H Kim, S.Y. Bae, H.E Yang
Leavers: Hanbi Jung – As I move to Abu Dhabi for my new job, please pray for me to adjust well and keep walking in faith.