1/10/2023 Church News

♠ Service Team Recruitment

1. Education Ministry (Pre-K, Primary, Secondary Sunday Schools); Service Ministry (Service Preparation Team, Welcome Team, Finance Team, Health & Safety Team); Outreach Ministry (Translation Team, Media Team, Outreach Team, Homeless Ministry Team); Worship Ministry (Praise Team, Choir, Production Team)
2. Central GVC Praise Team Recruitment: Looking for members to serve our Sunday (practice on Sat 1pm) and Wednesday services (practice at 5.30pm) (Piano, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drum, Singers). (Contact: Deacon S.H. Yoon, Kakaotalk ID: sean9463)
3. Wimbledon GVC Praise Team Recruitment: Looking for keyboard and drum. (Contact: Y.I. Yoon, Kakaotalk ID: @youngin07090)
4. Central GVC Service Preparation Team Recruitment: Looking for volunteers to help before and during Sunday and Wednesday services. (Contact: Deacon S.N. Choi, Kakaotalk ID: Soonatc)
5. Content Creation Team Recruitment: Looking for volunteers to assist with maintaining and uploading content to GVC’s instagram account. (Contact: Y.J. Hong, Kakaotalk ID: yaejinnn96)
6. Sunday School Recruitment: Wimbledon GVC Primary Sunday School/ Central GVC Sunday School (Contact: Youth Pastor Jeungwon Jhon, Kakaotalk ID: gardenj0702)
7. Wimbledon GVC Secondary Sunday School Recruitment: 1 volunteer (Contact: Pastor Juyoung Park (Kakaotalk ID: skylife1691)
8. GVC Choir Recruitment: We welcome anyone who wants to enjoy the joy of praise (conductor, piano, all voice parts). (Contact: M.H. Oh, Kakaotalk ID: meehyunoh)
9. Homless Ministry Team: There is a homeless assistance service on the first Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM (during BST) or 11:00 AM (after BST). Family cell groups are also welcomed. (Contact: E.B. Cho, 07801745267)

♠ Special Notice

1. Newcomers: Welcome to our visitors and newcomers! After the service, please come meet our Pastor who will be waiting towards the back. Welcome Team will greet you warmly.
2. Sign-up for Baptism: We will be conducting Infant Baptism and Confirmation Baptism during the 26th November Service. Please apply through your cell group leader (preparation meetings: 2 for Infant Baptism, 4 for Confirmation Baptism).
3. Autumn Bible & Worship Night: November 17th (Friday) – 19th (Sunday) / Speaker: Pastor Lee Chan-Kyu from Frankfurt Hanmaum Church / Friday and Saturday sessions will be at 7:00 PM. Sunday session will take place during the normal Sunday Worship Service. Please adjust your schedule accordingly.
4. External Worship Nights: (1) AGAPAO WORSHIP with Pastor Kim Mu-yeol, October 5-7th (18:30), 8th (17:30), Location: Lantern Methodist Church, SW20 8RA (2) University Students and Youth Gathering, Speaker: Missionary Daniel Kim, October 13-14th (18:00), Location: St. George the Martyr Church, 44 Queen Square, Holborn, London, WC1N 3AH, Hosted by the Korean Christian University Students Conference in the UK
5. Online Offerings: God’s Vision Church, Account No: 01996835, Sort Code: 30-94-77, IBAN NUMBER: GB62LOYD30947701996835. You may choose to label your offerings: Tithe, Gratitude or Mission.
6. Online Cell: For members living outside of London or abroad. Contact H.S. Shin (kakaotalk ID: heesushininh)

♠ Community support

Last week’s visitors (18): A.H. Kim, J.M. Park, J.S. Yoon, Y.I. Park, H.K. Lee, S.H. Kim, M.H. Kwon, M. Park, S. Lee, A.L. Kim, D.S. Park, Y.R. Kim, M.J. Kim, C.E. Shin, M.K. Kim, M. Jung, Y.D. Cho

예배시간 변경 안내(service time change)

  • 3월 3일(3월 첫 주만) 센트럴 주일예배가 영국교회 행사 관계로 오후 3시로 변경되었습니다. 윔블던 예배는 동일하게 오전 10시 30분 입니다.
  • Sunday’s service(3rd, Mar) of Central campus will be held at 3 p.m. due to an English Church event. Wimbledon campus’s service is the same as usual(10.30a.m.).