“My heart is racing again” – Rev. Young Joo Lee

I had a Zoom meeting with diaspora church leaders this past Tuesday. There was a total of about forty of us. We held a short ...

“Appointing 21 deacons in 2021” – Rev. Young Joo Lee

We will be appointing ten new deacons today. That makes 21 in total, as we currently have 11. 21 deacons in 2021 – a coincidence, ...

“Sexual immorality – the starting point of all sin” – Rev. Young Joo Lee

The most shocking news at the start of this year came from reports about the sexual misconduct of Ravi Zacharias while he was alive. I ...

A serious conversaion with Joshua – Rev. Young Joo Lee

Joshua, my eldest son, is a thoughtful child. After having a meal this week, he asked, “Dad, how is Catholicism different from Protestantism?” Then there ...

부활주일예배 안내(Easter worship service)

  • 2023년 04월 9일 부활주일예배는 센트럴 꿈이있는교회에서 함께 드립니다. 윔블던 성전에서 예배는 없습니다. 착오없으시기 바랍니다.

  • 9th Apr, 2023. There is no Easter worship service at Wimbledon but central God’s Vision Church.

예배시간 변경(Service time change)

  • 영국교회 사정으로 23년 3월 5일 예배시간이 오후 2시에서 오후 3시로 변경되었습니다.
  • on Mar 5th, Service time has been temporary changed, 2p.m.->3p.m., Thank you.